Setting up a cage for your new parrotlet or lovebird? Here’s what you need to know.

Choosing a Habitat

  • Parrotlets and lovebirds are social and can be housed in pairs.
  • Your parrotlet or lovebird’s cage should be large enough for it to stretch its wings, climb and play. It should be large enough for a food dish, water dish, multiple perches, toys and a cuttlebone. Get the largest cage possible.
  • Ensure the bar spacing is smaller than its head to prevent it from becoming stuck.
  • Place the cage in a warm, bright part of the house, close to where the action is but away from all drafts and direct sunlight, and off the floor.
  • Avoid setting up the cage in or near the kitchen at all costs. Birds are extremely sensitive to fumes and those from self-cleaning ovens and Teflon-coated cookware.
  • Cover the cage at night to prevent drafts.

Play & Hide

  • Provide at least 2-3 toys to keep them busy. Foraging toys encourage their natural behavior and will reduce boredom and feather picking.
  • Favourite toys include rope toys and hanging wood or acrylic toys.
  • Hay balls or hide-a-ways filled with timothy hay will encourage foraging.
  • A minimum of two perches of different widths are great for exercising their feet and should be placed at varying heights throughout the cage, away from food dishes.
  • Parrotlets and lovebirds enjoy daily supervised time outside of their cage.
  • Your parrotlet or lovebird’s beak will never stop growing, so make sure to provide a cuttlebone or a calcium block to keep its beak trim.
  • Provide a warm birdbath a minimum of three to four times a week.


  • The cage should be lined with corncob bedding, recycled paper or a cage liner.
  • A thorough cleaning of your pet’s cage is required once weekly. Remove and wash the cage tray and perches, and wash the area around the cage. Make sure all toys are clean and damage-free, without loose or broken parts that could hurt your pet.

Shopping List
❏ Cage
❏ Water dish
❏ Multiple perches of different widths
❏ Food dish
❏ Bird bath
❏ Swing
❏ Toys
❏ Cuttlebone
❏ Treats
❏ Mineral block
❏ Bedding