Q:  Why is it important that cats eat a grain free diet?
– Barb S

Answer: There are many very good cat foods available, not every food is going to suit every cat. Grain free foods are not necessarily better, they are different, and for some cats changing to a different type of food can help with unexplained problems. The advantage that grain free foods have is they are quite a bit different than non-grain free foods, and therefore with problem cats they offer a greater chance that changing the food may help with the problem. The only way to find out if a grain free foods is better, is to try some foods and see how your cat reacts to them. Some cats find their metabolism is better suited to the high protein in grain free foods and the lower carbohydrate. Lower carbohydrate levels can help cats to govern their appetite better and therefore they are less prone to over eating. A high-protein wet food would have the same effect, as would a high-protein dry food with grains, there just happens to be a lot more high-protein grain free foods to choose from.
– Dr. Dave Summers